Marathon Products, Inc. Management Team

Jon Y. Nakagawa, Founder, President, C.E.O.
(B.S. Fresno State University)
Mr. Nakagawa has over 25 years experience in the temperature management industry and is responsible for product development and relations with key corporate accounts worldwide. He is a certified public accountant with expertise in finance, manufacturing, and strategic planning. He also has 2 patents in sensor technology and a 3rd patent pending.

Mikkel Ridley, Wireless and Network Specialist
(BA from Humboldt State State University in 2006)
Mikkel Ridley is in the process of obtaining a CompTIA A+and Network certifications.
Prior to joining the Marathon Team, he worked in the Bay Area for a communications company as a project manager installing, repairing and maintaining Layer 1 data and voice networks.  His responsibilities include overseeing projects, managing employees and interacting with clients.

Greg Reel, Scientist and Chief Engineer
(B.S. Electrical engineering – University of New Mexico)
Greg has been with major Semiconductor companies in Silicon Valley and is focused on continuous improvements in our hardware and online solutions.  He is available to assist customers with our wireless and Cloud-enabled solutions.
He has designed a wide range of successful commercial products in the fields of integrated circuit failure analysis instrumentation, home security, and environmental monitoring. Greg has worked at both Los Alamos (Electronics Engineering group) and Livermore (Laser Fusion group) National laboratories to design and develop electronic instrumentation, and holds two patents.

Oliver Nguyen, Network IT specialist
(B.S. U.C. Irvine)
Oliver manages the IT and enterprise software development projects at Marathon.  Over the past 5 years, he has managed the development of LoggerPulse and the integration of MaxiThermal Online and desktop services.

Oliver received his B.S. in Information and Computer Science from U.C. Irvine with a Minor in Psychology. While at U.C. Irvine, he completed graduate work on Artificial Intelligence with an emphasis on Neural Networks. He is a Member of the UCI Information and Computer Science Alumni Program.

Marketing and Sales

Laurent Verbois, France & European Coordinator
(D.E.S.S. Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Mr. Verbois has over 25 years of experience in sales and sales management in the food industry. Since 1993 he has focused on the cold chain business. He is fluent in French, English & Spanish.

Technical and Business Advisors

Sanford L. Cook, Thermal Packaging Advisor
(B.M., Rutgers University)
President of Thermal Packaging Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in package design, thermal package testing, temperature chain management, controlled shipping methods, validations and regulatory documentation.

Robert Dumper, Business Advisor
(B.A. Princeton University, M.B.A. Stanford School of Business)
Real estate developer.

Dr. Steve Glaser, Advisor for Wireless Networking
(Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin, M.S. University of Texas, Austin, B.S.C.E., University of Texas, Austin, B.A. Philosophy, Clark University)
Dr. Glaser is Professor of GeoEngineering and Civil Systems at University of California, Berkeley. CEE Professor Steven Glaser has also been named a TÜV SÜD Guest Professor, and Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies, at the Technical University of Munich, one of the premier universities in Germany.

Martin L. Jeiven, Pharmaceutical Advisor
(M.S., R.Ph. Rutgers University. Pharmacy and physiology)
President of Jeiven Pharmaceutical Consulting, Inc. and Pharmaceutical Training Seminars, Inc. Consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in quality control related to clinical manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and GMP training.

Dr. Steven S. Kuwahara, GXP Consultant
(B.S. Cornell University, M.S. and Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Dr. Kuwahara is President of GXP Biotechnology LLC. Dr. Kuwahara has written several papers and book chapters and serves on the editorial advisory boards of BioPharm, BioQuality, and the Journal of GXP Compliance. He holds certifications as a CQA, CQT, and CQE from the American Society of Quality and is certified (RAC) by the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society.

William Perttula, Marketing Advisor
(M.B.A. University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. Golden Gate University)
Professor, Marketing Department at San Francisco State University.


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